mood swings

lukewarm coffee and mild hematoma
i'm a cold-hearted liar and society loner
and sometimes i'm the little schoolgirls' worst nemesis
at least that's my hope as my wit slowly vanishes

but my words aren't gilded by some unusual intellect
and i don't have a clue how time and space intersect
if i know one thing for sure though it has always been the fact
that i'm slave to emotions that my mind and my skin detect

whatever they may believe
these moments come and go
-yet disappear quite slow-
but they'll help me achieve
more than my common goals.
5.7.07 14:03

the thinker's mind's unrest

dry lips be sooner vanishčd
fare well dry lips, adieu
for mother nature's management
means banishment to you

dry lips, become not dry
within my liver thunder's dust!
from winč's lullaby
which furnishs me with wanderlust

oh world, be seen by me!
when by this harsh apostrophe
i venerate you all
you worlds that rise and fall

mind's eye, that soft appears
now stray eventually
head out for souvenirs
and homewards back to me
20.6.07 00:03

dont ask me where i've been

do not envy what is my virtue
cause hypocrits will not be spared
and i really dont wanna hurt you
or act like i still would have cared

the love that was thrown out the window
has left me in hopeless disgrace
so dont ask me where i have been so
i dont have to lie to your face

just realize that i wasnt so far
to not know what was up around here
your betrayal could count as a faux pas
and your smile makes everything clear

so dont ask me where i have been mister
cause i wanna keep it down low
and even if our lives look sinister
just lean back and enjoy the show
24.3.07 20:13

These indifferent nights

The summer didn't last too long
we lie naked on the floor
as if we were reborn
nothing new now
just this burning glimmer in your eyes
and a compulsive lie on my mind

We might could handle this and master it
like a one-hit-wonder-song
we just have to get through this cold night
and sing it along

Like the weeping child goes back to sleep
Like the memories you chase in your dreams
Gradually, like your hand strokes her face
I'm waiting for my mother's embrace

The silky hair 's got tousled
The withering flower lies down
as if we have all gone by now
take another drink
and admit the dizziness
for we are just two souls in disguise

We could work on this and get over it
like an old-so-called-true-love
we just have to get through this awful night
and believe we're in love

Like the old lady smiles 'til her husband 's died
Like beauty makes you so easily cry
Hold on, like the flood of moods 's so overwhelming
I am finally retaining
11.3.07 18:43

no name #1

silhouettes in the water
swell and wax
I can hear no laughter
just this overwhelming lap

it shivers purple green & blue
I do not belong here
where the drone's not working
sympathy won't grow

for you
it's just a game to play
for me
I don't want to regret anything

eagerly learning
still I try to adapt
but there's no returning
to the place I once left

with your arms raised to the sky
the world may seem a little smaller
so hold your breath, dear
& appreciate the water

close your eyes
& fall to sleep
like we once fell in love
clumsy but sweet
5.3.07 15:34

In the playground

A brighter day on my way
Get a drink, go for a walk
The burning sun
Will bring the warmth.

I thought the playground would stare at us
I thought the memories wouldn’t last
Always kept me breathing
But I freeze at last.

The flowers on my lap
The fading kiss on my cheek
A love song rings out
And I’m feeling weak.

Like a moth with a broken wing
On a day that bright
I couldn’t help
Feeling alright.
11.2.07 12:47

Hey Jenny

Hey Jenny,
what’s wrong?
You look so sad,
Did he hurt you?
Did he come around
With a gift called heartache
And a friendly symphony
You’re humming now?

It is a lie,
In the jungle of his deep brown eyes.
No feeling appears there periodically.
Now it is more fun to play Russian roulette
Than trying to understand his frequent mood swings.
11.2.07 12:43

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