These indifferent nights

The summer didn't last too long
we lie naked on the floor
as if we were reborn
nothing new now
just this burning glimmer in your eyes
and a compulsive lie on my mind

We might could handle this and master it
like a one-hit-wonder-song
we just have to get through this cold night
and sing it along

Like the weeping child goes back to sleep
Like the memories you chase in your dreams
Gradually, like your hand strokes her face
I'm waiting for my mother's embrace

The silky hair 's got tousled
The withering flower lies down
as if we have all gone by now
take another drink
and admit the dizziness
for we are just two souls in disguise

We could work on this and get over it
like an old-so-called-true-love
we just have to get through this awful night
and believe we're in love

Like the old lady smiles 'til her husband 's died
Like beauty makes you so easily cry
Hold on, like the flood of moods 's so overwhelming
I am finally retaining
11.3.07 18:43

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