mood swings

lukewarm coffee and mild hematoma
i'm a cold-hearted liar and society loner
and sometimes i'm the little schoolgirls' worst nemesis
at least that's my hope as my wit slowly vanishes

but my words aren't gilded by some unusual intellect
and i don't have a clue how time and space intersect
if i know one thing for sure though it has always been the fact
that i'm slave to emotions that my mind and my skin detect

whatever they may believe
these moments come and go
-yet disappear quite slow-
but they'll help me achieve
more than my common goals.
5.7.07 14:03

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malte (6.11.07 23:12)
das sieht jetz natürlich so aus als ob ich den titel von dem gedicht hey jenny geklaut hätte. is aber zufall.

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